Community Involvement


GPRC Rock Climbing Wall


Climbing is a wonderful expression of complex human movement. When you climb you get to have fun while you get a fantastic workout; improving strength, endurance, and mobility while performing purposeful movement. For these reasons we sponsored the Peace Country Rock Climbing Championships this year and it was a fantastic event. It was great getting a chance to meet with the participants, assist with onsite injury management, and watch all the wonderful ways our body's can move. 

Wolves X-country Running


Running is one of the most important skills we as humans have. We are designed and born to run and arguably the key of our early success on the plant. The Peace Country Wolves Athletic Club is the premier club for competitive distance running: Track, Cross Country and Road in Grande Prairie. As former products of the Peace Country Wolves Athletic Club it was a natural fit for us to assist in injury recovery and prevention for these athletes.

APE Parkour


Parkour is another perfect fit for us at Adventure Physiotherapy. We love natural, beautiful, purposeful, and skilled movement. Parkour involves all locomotor skills to explore the environment. They believe that movement is a fundamental right to which we are all students trying to improve our efficiencies and effectiveness. APE is the first dedicated parkour gym in Grande Prairie and have systemized an approach to developing movement skill and ensure progressions. We have been discussing training systems and injury reduction models to help their students and athletes perform longer with reduced injury risks.