Movement Disorders

How you move matters. As we move, the pull of gravity pulls challenges our body in different ways. Depending on the way you move, gravity will force different parts of your body to work harder. If they work too hard, with insufficient rest, tissue can become irritated and the results can be painful. The good news here is it is the same principle that breaks the body when excessive work is encountered also builds the body when appropriate work in undertaken.

There is no way to complete safe guard the body from injury as changing the ways we move simply shifts the risk from one location to another. 

In many cases, detailed knowledge of biomechanics and sport helps us alter movement patterns to keep you enjoying life and activity with less pain. This also allows for irritated and injured tissues to settle down and heal which assists long-term recovery.

In a few cases, certain movement patterns do increase risk of injury. Why individuals develop these patterns is a topic of debate but to the best of our current knowledge could be due to poor skill development or muscular weakness. At Adventure Physiotherapy, we are trained to recognize these patterns and can help develop new movement patterns to help decrease the risk of injury and in many cases improve sport performance.