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Concussion is a topic that has been a focus in the media and sports for the past several years. There is a lot of research being done on the best way to rehab after a concussion. What makes it challenging is that there is no visible damage to brain after a concussion and no imaging with diagnose a concussion. Fortunately, a structured subjective and objective examination by a trained physiotherapist can diagnose a concussion. Once diagnosed, proper test and multidimensional rehabilitation are important in order to return happy healthy athletes to the game the same way they started the season. Whiplash may also have occurred as a part of the injury as well.

Concussion is a mild traumatic injury which may present after a hit directly to the head or the body. The patient may lose consciousness or may not. There is a symptom scale of twenty-two different symptoms that may present including irritability, trouble concentrating, etc. In plain terms we consider a concussion to be like an energy deficiency in the brain. You must treat yourself right in order to allow the right healing environment. Our therapists are trained to assess any physical effects of concussion and guide you through the healing process.

We also treat Post-Concussive-Syndrome. This is something that can happen to anyone if proper healing time was not taken. Also many sports players feel very different after they retire and they consider this a permanent result of years of concussion. Our brain has an amazing ability to adapt and change if given the right stimulus or exercise. If you feel as if your life has been changed by concussion, please book in for a consultation and we can explain what we can do for you.