Tendinopathy and Overuse Injuries 

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Pain related to tendinopathy or overuse often do not have traumatic onset, but tends to appear after relatively quick changes in activity or lifestyle. Commonly, people suffering from these injuries tell us that they were trying to get back in shape or have just changed jobs. 

Many treatments are offered for these conditions but the best treatment is exercise/activity. The professional use of exercise and activity can help desensitize tissue and increase tissue strength and resilience. Once pain is noted, it is okay to spend a few weeks avoiding activities that intensify pain. This period of relative rest should be followed by intentionally challenging the painful activities.  It is okay to feel some pain during this process. 

I often use the analogy of tanning for overuse injuries. When you increase your sun exposure gradually you develop a tan; this allows you to spend more time out in the sun without harm. If at any point you exceed your normal sun exposure significantly you'll end up with a burn that will require you to spend some time healing. Once you have recovered from the sunburn it does not mean you are now allergic to the sun but you need to gradually increase your sun exposure to redevelop your tan.

The professionals at Adventure Physiotherapy can help you navigate your overuse injury recovery by understanding how different lifestyle and recreational activities impact the sensitive tissue.

Here is a list of common areas for tendinopathy to occur: