STOTT PILATES® is a frontrunner in quality Pilates fitness equipment and gear. It is built to last and they have a huge variety of different strength and stability gear. Once you use it you will know why we use and recommend this equipment rather than anything else.



V2 Max™ plus Reformer

This is the most commonly used Pilates equipment and it allows for limitless exercise possibilities. It allows for strength work of lower body, core and upper body, balance training, cardiovascular training and can provide challenge or support to make it practical and accessible for a large majority of the population. Most people once they try it find that it is a lot of fun and different from any other form of exercise.

Stability Chair™

This compact piece of Pilates equipment offers a lot for the small space it takes up. It helps achieve upper and lower-body strength and conditioning but mostly enhances stability and control by challenging the body. You can stand in front of it, sit on it, lay on it, step up onto it, push up on it and lay beside it to get a variety of different pulls and challenges. It can be used in a rehab population but is most fun for athletic and fitness populations.


Ladder Barrel

This piece of equipment mostly challenges our core stability and strength in creative ways but is also a great tool for stretches for the spine and abdominals which are hard to achieve in any other way.

Spine Supporter

This small equipment piece can be used in a variety of ways on its own or with the reformer. It works great with the pregnancy population when it is uncomfortable and unsafe to be exercising lay on your back.  It also helps people who do not know how to relax their back muscles.  We can do some great core exercises, lower leg or upper arm exercises easily with this supportive piece of equipment

Arc barrel

This is a great piece of small equipment as well which is used with a lot of mat exercises for upper body challenge, spinal support or core and back strengthening. It adds variety to a lot of exercises and be used with anyone able to get down on the floor.

Rotational Disks

These disks rotate very smoothly and easily, providing a wonderful balance challenge to any person or athlete who wants to try them. They are mostly used in the standing position but can be used on the reformer or under the hand for upper-body challenges of range of motion or scapular stability.


MERRITHEW™ has a variety of small weights that can easily challenge any exercise. They come in soft dumbbells, toning balls or small looped hand weights. All weights are light, but used with the proper exercises they feel heavy enough.



We love balls! Silly thing to say, but we have large stability balls, medium stability balls and tiny stability balls. We can sit on balls, lay on them, stretch on them, release muscles with them, and much more. They are a cheap way to get a variety of exercises done at home. Balls are used very often for home exercise programs to get a lot of use out of one piece of equipment.

Fitness Circles

Circles are a traditional Pilates tool which can guide movement or add challenge to an exercise. They can be used on the upper body for strength and resistance, between the legs for stability of the inner thigh or support to help rotate better to engage oblique abdominal muscles.

Blocks, bands and more

We have a variety of small equipment including stability cushions and pads for balance training. We have blocks to provide support for certain exercises. We have foam rollers for release of tight muscles or as a balance challenge for exercises. We also have ankle bands used in Barre class or with leg exercises and flex bands for a variety of upper and lower body resistance exercises. We have so many tools to make exercise interesting and right for your body!

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Photography © Merrithew Corporation. Used with permission.

Photography © Merrithew Corporation. Used with permission.