We have partnered with Linda Alaimoana of Soul Therapy to offer premium massage therapy services in house from one of the leading providers in Grande Prairie. Linda's training and experience are second to none and her passion for movement make her a perfect fit for us at Adventure Physiotherapy. The following list are some of the specialized techniques Linda can use to help you recover from injury and return to an adventurous life.  

Myofascial Release

Myofascia can best be described as an entire body suit that runs continuous from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes, with no beginning and no end.  The entire body is connected to every other part of the body by fascia.  Healthy fascia is relaxed and soft; with the ability to stretch and move without restriction, thereby helping to maintain good posture, range of motion and flexibility.  It gives our body's tremendous strength and helps us deal with stress and injuries.  If there is physical trauma and inflammation, the fascia may lose its pliability and can be a source of tension throughout the body.  Traumas such as stress, falls, surgeries, whiplash, sport injuries and repeated posture may have a cumulative effect over time.  Myofascia Release is an effective hands on therapy which can directly change and improve the health of the fascia.  The purpose of Myofascia Release is to relax the muscular and fascial system and restore health posture and movement.

Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage involves stretching and deep massage. This type of body work uses no oils, is performed on a mat and the client wears comfortable clothes that allow for movement.  Often referred to as facilitated Yoga, Thai Massage incorporates the use of hands, elbows, fingers, and feet to move the client into Yoga-like postures, offering stress relief through stretching the muscles and opening the joints.


The Onsen® technique is a combination of the therapeutic practices of Muscle Energy Technique, Post Isometric Relaxation and Transverse Friction Massage. This therapeutic technique balances the musculoskeletal system to promote healing and good health.  Your therapist will:

  • Assess your boney landmarks which will give them a three dimensional picture of bone positioning.
  • Discover the muscles or ligaments that are restricting natural and free movement.
  • Utilize gentle specialized forms of muscle energy techniques with isometric exercises (hold relax stretching on the massage table).
  • Use transverse friction massage: a two minute gently crossing of the fibres of the tissues, tendons or ligaments that are under tension or strain.
  • Give specific stretches and exercises that will retrain your movement system to move more effectively and efficiently.